Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

 1.   Introduction to Policy

This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) is provided by DODO BEBE LLC (“DODO BEBE” or “we” or “us” or “our”) and it concerns anyone that accesses (the “Site”) or purchases our products through it (herein as “user” or “you” or “your”). When you access the Site and/or purchase our products, we collect certain categories of information directly or indirectly. Due to that, we are required, according to the law, to describe our activities regarding the categories of information we collect and how we use, disclose, or safeguard such information. You are required to read the entire disclosures in this Policy before using our Site and purchasing products from us (also “Services”).




2.   The Collection of Information and its Uses

When you visit/use the Site, and when you purchase from us through it, we collect some categories of information which are described below:


2.1   Personally Identifiable Information: Personally Identifiable Information (“Personal Information”) is any information that can be used to directly identify who you are. Personal Information may include but is not limited to the name, email address, and shipping information you submit during order checkout plus your payment information.


Use: We collect Personal Information for various reasons. For example, we collect shipping information in order to deliver the products to you, payment information to process your payment, name for identification purposes, and email address to contact you or respond to your requests.


2.2    Non-Personally Identifiable Information: A non-personally identifiable information (“Non-Personal Information”) is any information that cannot be directly used to identify who you are, unlike Personal Information. DODO BEBE collects Non-Personal Information automatically through our programmed software. This type of information is collected immediately you access or have an encounter with the Site. This information may include your browser type, its version, and operating system, Internet Service Provider, and IP Address.


Use: Generally, Non-Personal Information is collected for the purpose of monitoring fraud and other crime and to enforce our Terms and Conditions. Also, Non-Personal Information is collected to conduct and gather wide demographic information for our use which helps us to improve our Services and the Site.


2.3    Geolocation Information: DODO BEBE does not forcefully know your location while you use the Site or our Services unless you have agreed to it. However, it may be possible for us to determine and pinpoint your location through the IP Address of the device you are accessing the Site with.


Use: We collect location information for tracking and general purposes.


2.4   Aggregated Information: We may also gather aggregated information for general business analysis in order to identify which area of the Site and our Service features needs to be improved. Aggregated information may include but is not limited to identifying the number of visitors on the Site in a period, the behavior of each user, the area of the Site that is used most, and from where each user navigated to the Site. Aggregated information does not include Personal Information and may not be used to directly identify you.


Use: We collect aggregated information in order to identify what features or part of the Site and Services need to be improved on and to provide users with features which we believe might interest them.


2.5   Social Media Information: We collect social media information through the social media plugins available on the Site. When you click on any social media plugin such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google on the Site, we will have access to some information you have on the particular social media plugin you have clicked on. However, you have the right to restrict the kind of information shared when you click on any social media plugin. This can be done by modifying the privacy setting available in the particular social media plugin.


3.   The Disclosure of Information

We do not share any Personal Information with third parties for marketing needs neither do we share any information with any person or entity except under the below circumstances.


3.1   Third-Party Service Providers:  We may have to share Personal Information with Third-Party Service providers (“Service Providers”) who perform certain tasks on our behalf. For example, we are required to share Personal Information with the company responsible for shipping the product to you. In like manner, we are required to share Personal Information about you to PayPal (for payments through PayPal) in order to process your payment for the product.


Please, note that Service Providers are under obligation to only use the Personal Information we share with them about you for the purpose of what we have contracted them for. They do not use any information shared with them for personal purposes or agenda.


3.2   Under the Law: DODO BEBE may share Personal Information about you when we believe it is appropriate such as preventing, investigating, or taking the necessary actions to counter illegal activities, frauds, and other crimes. To protect and ensure our safety and other users of the Site. To comply with applicable laws set by law enforcement agencies. To enforce our Terms and Conditions and other policies and agreements set by us. To respond to a subpoena, court order, or other investigative summonses by law enforcement. And to secure against legal claims, institute our rights, and other requirements by the law.


Please, note that the sharing of any Personal Information to any law enforcement agency will not be carried out unless the request is genuine and backed in writing.


3.3   Business Transfers: We reserve the right to transfer any Personal Information in our database to a successor entity under a business transfer (i.e., a merger, acquisition, or consolidation of DODO BEBE).


Please, note that the transfer of any Personal Information under a business transfer may be done using this current Policy or the privacy policy of the successor entity.


4.   Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

4.1   Cookies: When users access the Site, we automatically send cookies, which are bits of information, to their browsing device which helps us track some activities about them. This, in turn, helps us to make the Site meaningful and smooth for each user. There are different types of cookies which are sent to your browsing device. For example, we use Session Cookies (lasts for a session and expires after the browser is closed) and First Party Cookies while Third-Party cookies are also set by Service Providers that perform tasks on our behalf. Generally, cookies are used, among other things, to collect analytical information, serving and re-targeting ads, cross-site tracking, saving of data such as products in your cart, and to remember each user setting and preferences.


Please, note that most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can set your browser to prevent cookies from being set through the browser settings area, but be aware that refusing or blocking cookies may not be a good idea as we may not be able to provide you the Services effectively. You are responsible for any malfunction in your browsing experience on the Site due to your deactivation of cookies.


4.2   Google Analytics: Like cookies, we also use Google Analytics, a tracking tool provided by Google. Google Analytics, among other things, is used to identify how often you use the Site, the area on the Site you visit most, and the site or platform you came to the Site from. Google Analytics helps us with this information to help us improve the Site and its features. Google Analytics collects only your IP Address on your first visit to the Site, it does not collect other information such as your name. Only Google can use the cookie it sets on your browser. In order to learn about Google’s use of your information, read Google’s Privacy Policy at


Please, note that you can also deactivate Google Analytics by downloading the “Google Analytics Opt—Out” ad-on or plugin on your browser.


4.3    Do-Not-Track: Most web browsers add Do-Not-track settings or option that can be activated by users to prevent websites from storing information about their online activities. DODO BEBE currently does not respond to Do-Not-track signals.


5.   User Postings

A portion of the Site permits users to post reviews, comments, and feedback about the product and other related discussions (“User Postings”). By using the portion of the Site and by posting comments or reviews therein, you are aware that any personal information attached to your User Postings will be visible to other users and the public. The implication of this is that anyone can easily obtain the Personal Information attached to your User Postings. You are advised to be cautious of the kind of Personal Information you attach to your User Postings as DODO BEBE will not be liable to you for any loss of privacy you may suffer as a result of your User Postings.


6.   Security of Information

The Site is hosted on HostGator’s server, a Service Provider. Any Personal Information collected by us about you is stored on their server. HostGator is one of the industry-leading and trusted company in terms of information and data security. Read more about HostGator policy on information  security here at


Apart from employing HostGator’s services, we also employ physical means of safeguarding information such as restricting or limiting the number of people that may access your Personal Information. In addition, we do not share your email address with third parties or affiliates for their marketing needs.


However, you acknowledge that cases of information theft increase every day as various cyber-criminal technologies are being developed. Due to this, DODO BEBE cannot guarantee that the Personal Information you shared with us will be completely safe from unauthorized access or use. We will not be held responsible for any privacy loss due to cybercrime.


7.   Marketing

DODO BEBE may, on some occasions, send you marketing emails in the form of promotions, offers, and related emails which we think may be of interest to you (“Marketing Emails”). Marketing Emails will be tailored to you until your desire to opt-out of receiving them. To opt-out of Marketing Emails, simply use the “unsubscribe” link available in any Marketing Email that we send to you.


Please, be informed that DODO BEBE will not share any email address that you shared with us with any of our affiliates or third parties for their marketing needs.


8.   Retention of Information

Information collected through the Site will remain in our database for up to two (2) years unless user opts out of Marketing Emails. Some Non-Personal Information is retained by us in order to comply with regulatory requirements and to enforce our Terms and Conditions.


9.   Children Policy

Unless permitted by the applicable law, DODO BEBE does not collect personal information from children (under 13 years of age). To be eligible for purchase on the Site, you must have attained the age of majority (18 years of age or above) or must own a bank account. Users below 18 years of age may only submit Personal Information if supervised by a parent or legal guardian. By using the Site and submitting Personal Information to us, you represent to us that you have attained the age of majority.


10.Third-Party Website Links

Occasionally, the Site may contain links, adverts, and other content from third-party websites (collectively “Third-Party Content”). Any Third-Party Content available on the Site are posted by third party websites and companies; therefore, this Policy does not govern such content, neither do we represent or warrant to you that the content of such Third-Party Content is safe, secure, accurate, or complete. If you access any Third-Party Content through the Site, you do so at your own risk and you are liable for any loss of privacy or other damages you may suffer from such access. DODO BEBE will not be liable to you for such loss or damage. We implore you to thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents governing any Third-Party Content you wish to access through the Site.


11.Updates to Policy

DODO BEBE reserves the right at our discretion to revise, modify, or update this Policy with or without notification. Any updates or modification made to this Policy shall be effective when the Effective Date above is updated. If we decide to communicate any update or modification about this Policy, it shall be sent through the email address you submitted to us. You are advised to frequently review this Policy anytime you use the Site for any updates or modification to it. By your continued use of the Site and our Services after any update or modification to this Policy, you represent that you agree with such update or modification.


12.Governing law

This Policy is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey without regards to conflict of law and its principles. Any dispute arising out of this Policy shall be settled by binding arbitration as described in our Terms and Conditions.


13.Contact Us

To reach out to DODO BEBE regarding this Policy, the product, the Site, and our Services; use the contact information as set forth below:

Company Name: DODO BEBE LLC.sdfsdfd

Email Address:

Phone Number: 9088240784