Safety Information

DODO BEBE Nest Safety Instructions

WARNING - Failure to follow these instructions can lead to serious injury or death

Some general guidelines to consider as you use the DODO BEBE Nest product

  • Do NOT use for unsupervised sleep.
  • Do NOT use in a bassinet, crib or playpen. Place this product instead on a flat, sturdy and stable surface.
  • Do NOT use to carry your baby. Remove your baby from the baby nest if you have to change locations.
  • Baby BACK to sleep. Ensure your baby is on her back when sleeping.
  • Preferably use WITHOUT pillow for sleep from 0-4 Months at a minimum.
  • NEVER place blankets, stuffed animals in the sleeper with your baby.
  • Follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines, you can download the latest ‘safe sleeping’ brochure.

Curious about additional safe baby sleep practices and co-sleeping in general?

Here are a few resources